We’re designers, developers and thinkers

We help our clients look at the bigger picture, ask the right questions, and ensure that they get the best results for their investment.

Interested in bringing your next immersive XR experience to life? We have over three years of experience creating engaging, narrative based game mechanics using Unity game engine for multiple platforms.

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Recognized & awarded by:

The Peabody Awards, Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab, The Webbys, NYC Open Data, AIGA, SXSW, IxDA, Communication Arts, Time Magazine.

Our work was recently published in Data Visualization for Success: Interviews with 40 Experienced Designers.

We help you get your project on the right footing right from the start:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive analysis & positioning
  • Online strategy & planning
  • Creative concepting
  • User scenarios

We prototype first:

  • Information architecture
  • Interface & graphic design
  • Visual prototypes
  • Usability testing

We bring bold ideas to life:

  • Web, mobile, VR/AR development
  • Data visualizations
  • Content Management Systems (Drupal, Wordpress, custom)
  • E-commerce solutions (Shopify, custom)
  • Quality assurance



We are a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, producers, creative technologists, content strategists, and new media artists:


Allen Yee

Allen Yee

Partner and Strategist

Allen practiced architecture before getting into interactive design. Born & raised in San Francisco, he loves dogs, biking, French culture and trees. He also teaches in the School of Information at Pratt Institute. Follow @allenkeithyee on instagram.

Cyril Tsiboulski

Cyril Tsiboulski

Partner and Creative Director

Cyril is a design technologist. He loves VR, dogs, trains, planes, and automobiles. He also teaches in the Digital Communications and Media program at New York University.

Illya Szilak

Illya Szilak

Chief Knowledge Officer/Writer/Director

Illya Szilak is a director of intellectual capital, writer, director and a new media artist. She uses open source media and collaborations to help create multimedia narrative installations and mixed reality experiences.

Alvaro Sierra

Alvaro Sierra, Jr.

Senior Developer

Born and raised in NYC, Al studied business at Baruch and successfully transitioned into a holistic full stack developer. He likes a good soccer game and has travelled extensively throughout the world.

Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox


With over a decade of experience producing, directing, writing and creating video and print content for global campaigns, Kathleen is really great at building long lasting relationships with producers, photographers, videographers and editors.

Anu Nagaraj

Anu Nagaraj

Senior Post-Producer

Anu works with in-house and external teams in the production of visual effects films and VR projects. Her loves include: dancing, travel, entertaining at home and nesting. Anu also makes ceramic products for the home →


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